TEI Publisher 7: an example of collaborative development

2020-12-18, Wolfgang Meier

We’re happy to announce the final release of TEI Publisher 7. This is the second release coordinated by e-editiones and another important step to improve interoperability, sustainability and long-term maintenance of editions created with TEI Publisher. While release 6 came with a major redesign of the client side parts of TEI Publisher, version 7 focusses on the server, featuring a clean and extensible API based on the Open API standard.

The plan for TEI Publisher 7 (and 6 before) was born during a meeting in Basel in November last year, when some of the Swiss edition projects using TEI Publisher came together to discuss how the software could be developed into an even more sustainable platform. Many of them became founding members of e-editiones a few months later.

Fortunately the Swiss Nationale Infrastruktur für Editionen – Infrastructure nationale pour les éditions agreed to support the outlined ideas, funding a substantial part of the work. Other member projects contributed time and money, and served as testbeds for the new versions.

TEI Publisher 7 is thus more than just another technological milestone – it is the product of a cooperative development model in which users, researchers, institutions and developers work hand in hand towards a shared goal.

We’re looking forward to continue this success story next year and would again like to invite everybody to become part of it. Support the common cause by becoming a member, convince your institutions to take part, and contribute in one of the many possible ways.

Read the full release notes on the TEI Publisher website.

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