How to Contribute

There are many way how you could support us and contribute:

Source Code on Github

You can find the source code of the TEI Publisher and many examples on GitHub

Translations on Crowdin

There are already a few translations of the TEI Publisher. If you could create a new translation or review an existing one, please go to Crowdin and help us to make the TEI Publisher even more international.

TEI Examples

To make the TEI Publisher as versatile as possible we are loocking for TEI examples which can be used for development, tests and also for teaching. The collection is hosted on GitHub.

Become a Member

If you made it to this point it could be a good idea to become a member of e-editiones. It is fairly easy and we would be thrilled ­čśť.

e-editiones Logo

If you are a already a member of e-editiones you are encouraged to use our member Logo which you can grab on GitHub.