TEI Vanilla – a scoop of TEI for everyone

Following the spontaneous but inspiring exchange on e-editiones Slack channel, we’d like to invite you to a new e-editiones community meeting to discuss the emerging TEI Vanilla proposal. The event will take place online at 4pm CET on October 20th, 2020.

Common eXist-db / TEI Publisher Deployment Scenarios

This E-editiones online evennt covers different scenarios of running eXist-db applications by the example of TEI Publisher. Olaf Schreck and Lars Windauer from eXist Solutions will present the different possibilities and requirements for: Editors presenting their TEI documents Developers implementing new features Sysadmins hosting digital editions in TEI Publisher The first part of the event … Continue reading "Common eXist-db / TEI Publisher Deployment Scenarios"

TEI Publisher 6 released

The new TEI Publisher 6.0.0 is finally out! This is a major release introducing the refactored and extended web components which are now available as a LitElement library distributed via npm. While invisible to users, this redesign greatly improves modularity and simplifies updates of Publisher-based applications. It also facilitates embedding of Publisher custom components into … Continue reading "TEI Publisher 6 released"