E-editiones is an international society consisting of smaller and larger edition projects, cultural heritage institutions and single researchers. Its goal is to promote open standards for digital editions and free software based on them.

While digital editions may differ considerably in structure and content, there is a large overlap in terms of the basic technical functionality that each edition must offer. Starting point for the initiators of the association is their shared use of TEI Publisher – which originated from a project of the TEI community. This toolbox allows editions to reuse existing building blocks in a modular way.

However, such software requires a constant exchange between developers and users, who are familiar with the technical requirements of their respective edition projects. The Society would like to put this exchange of information as well as the communication between edition projects on a firm footing.

Focus of the Society

  • Coordinating developments in open source software
  • Promotion of information exchange and communication
  • Fundraising
  • Hosting services for digital editions

A more detailed description can be found in our strategy paper.

If you are interested to support us and you would like to become a member of e-editiones, don’t hesitate to contact us: info@e-editiones.org